New Video: Rihanna, ‘Where Have You Been’

Rihanna dances her ass off in her 'Where Have You Been' video.

I'm pretty sure the only reason Rihanna even makes music videos is to remind her adoring public that she is seriously hotter than 99 percent of the entire human race. So in case you guys don't think that first thing in the morning every day already (am I the only one?), Ri's new video "Where Have You Been" is here to remind you: Rihanna is hot in water. Rihanna is hot in MC Hammer pants. Rihanna is so hot that her hands are literally on (CGI) fire at one point. Homegirl's smokin.'

Watch Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" video after the jump.

Directed by Dave Meyers (Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson), "Where Have You Been" opens with Rihanna showcasing her best crocodile moves as she wades through a sexy swamp (those exist!) and slowly emerges from the water practically naked. She meets up with some male background dancers, proving that all that dance practice paid off -- "Where Have You Been" is one of Rihanna most choreographed videos. (Someone needs to get started on the YouTube tutorial ASAP.) Then it's time for Ri to dance in sync with a few GFs in some kind of shack and/or club where she sports a perm and a lace bodysuit that I'm currently looking for on the internet despite my friends' suggestions to abort my "Operation: Dress Like Rihanna 2012."

I'm just gonna say it: "Where Have You Been" is my favorite Rihanna video! The dance sequences are killer, Ri looks beyond stunning and it kind of reminds me of Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting For Tonight." And that's all I really ask of my music videos.

+ Watch Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" video, and don't miss "MTV First: Battleship" with Rihanna tonight at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV, followed by a Q&A on And watch Rihanna discuss her envy of "Battleship" co-star Brooklyn Decker's boobs.

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