New Video: Sabi, ‘Wild Heart’

We love Sabi's new 'Wild Heart' video. You should, too.

Given that she's still pretty new on the scene, pop chanteuse Sabi has already racked up a pretty impressive résumé: Her breakout spot was rapping alongside Britney Spears on the Holy Spearit's 2011 track "Drop Dead Beautiful," then she earned a Top 10 smash with Cobra Starship delivering the utterly infectious hook on "You Make Me Feel," and finally headed out on tour with Britney and Nicki Minaj. (Imagine if your résumé looked like that by age 23? Color us jealous.) Last summer saw Sabi drop her debut solo single, "Wild Heart," a swirly dubstep-inflected midtempo, and now she's rewarded our patience with the video for "Wild Heart."

Watch Sabi's "Wild Heart" video after the jump.

Here's what we take away from this video: Sabi is, like, really pretty. Her eye makeup? On point. Her hair? Long and lustrous. Her style? Swaggin' in booty shorts and fresh Reeboks, then stunning in a white tulle gown. The concept for the vid sees Sabi looking lovely yet despondent (a look we've been trying, and failing, to cultivate for years) in a glamorously ramshackle house, which basically provides her with the opportunity to crawl provocatively across wooden floors and prowl across a bed while papier-mache hearts burst into flames around her.

"Damn this wild heart of mine," Sabi croons over the dubby glitches of the song's chorus. Her wild heart may be a problem, but y'all, this wild video makes us feel so la la la la la!

+ Watch Sabi's video for "Wild Heart."

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