New Video: Scissor Sisters, ‘Only the Horses’

It shouldn't have come as a surprise that the video for Scissor Sisters' utterly amazing Calvin Harris-produced single "Only the Horses" mostly features, um, horses! There's some other stuff, too, but it's mainly about the horses. Given that the song's lush, galloping synths have a decidedly equine quality, though, it's hard to imagine a better set of visuals than the ones that the band came up with.

Watch Scissor Sisters' "Only The Horses" video after the jump.

The clip opens with horses galloping through the desert with ropes attached to them, which immediately opens up a world of questions: Where are they going? Where are they coming from? Do any of them want to hang out later? (It's been a lifelong dream of ours to have a horse. Don't judge us.) But these are no ordinary horses! They're horses on a mission to liberate the four members of Scissor Sisters (Jake Shears, Del Marquis, Ana Matronic and Babydaddy), who are being held captive inside a pyramid (which happens from time to time, y'know), covered in brightly colored paint. As the horses continue running, the ropes pull the pyramid apart, sending the paint flying through the air in a dazzling tableau of color.

"Only The Horses" is gorgeous and hypnotic. It features heroic horses and a lot of paint. Any questions? Yeah, we didn't think so.

+ Watch Scissor Sisters' "Only the Horses" video.

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