New Video: Soundgarden, ‘Live To Rise’


Soundgarden is back! Did you save your flannel?

Not going to lie: We're beyond geeked about Marvel's "The Avengers" bursting into theaters this weekend. Midnight tickets: check. Captain America pajamas: ...errr, maaaayybe. But Iron Man, Thor and the gang aren't the film's only superhero assembly: The soundtrack's scored the return of grunge legends Soundgarden. The band's comeback single, "Live to Rise," is their first song and video in 15 years -- the last time dudes were rocking this hard, Justin Bieber was still learning to count -- albeit adorably, we are positive.

Watch Soundgarden's "Live To Rise" video after the jump.

Like Beebs, we were also a little too young to properly jam out to "Black Hole Sun" back in the day (though we will headbang and Dio-hand into this song in an admittedly embarrassing fashion if we're alone in the car) but we're on board with this one: The track combines the band's heavy riffs and guitar heroics with sensitive balladry and a psychedelic intermission perfect for scoring a summer blockbuster. Frontman Chris Cornell's powerhouse vocals are still as rock-solid as the Hulk with a bad case of the Mondays -- we're gonna go ahead and call it a comeback. The video finds the band rocking in front of a suitably epic, um, blue hole sun, along with footage from the film (Iron Man and Thor fighting! The Hulk jumping! Aliens exploding! Scarlett Johansson!!!) that's got our Spidey sense tingling.

The "Avengers" soundtrack, which includes heavyweight contributions from Five Finger Death Punch, Evanescence and Rise Against, is out now, with Soundgarden's reunion album expected later this year. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go line up for our hot date with Earth's mightiest heroes. After we put on these pajamas.

+ Watch Soundgarden's "Live to Rise" video.

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