New Video: Swizz Beatz, ‘Everyday Birthday,’ Featuring Chris Brown And Ludacris

Please, someone, tell Chris Brown what he did last night.

Swizz Beatz's "Everyday Birthday" video is a champagne-shower toast to baller status, if the Cannes location ID (and Haute Living) in the beginning of the clip didn't make that apparent. And if you ever wanted to see Chris Brown fall out of bed and squirm around on the ground (LOL), or Ludacris have a minor meltdown in a bathtub, here is your opportunity to do just that. (Don't worry! There are models!) Then the whole thing turns into a Lil Jon song wrapped in a Ke$ha video, which actually makes me miss LMFAO and realize that I'm drawn to Ludacris in a Breton striped V-neck. The end of the video is supposed to feel like a Guy Ritchie heist movie moment, but I'm just left feeling like 2 Chainz and 50 did birthdays better. But Swizz probably doesn't care -- that dude's currently flying in a private helicopter over the French Riviera, so I imagine he DNGAF.

+ Watch Swizz Beatz's "Everyday Birthday" video featuring Chris Brown and Ludacris.

Photo credit: Monster Music Group

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