New Video: Taking Back Sunday, ‘This Is All Now’

Taking Back Sunday have gone fishin' in "This Is All Now."

Taking Back Sunday's latest video begins brightly enough, as a dude heads out for a calm, quiet afternoon of green-tinted fishing on the lake. Then the "This Is All Now" video gets straight up "Winter's Bone," with suspenseful underwater photography and a fish that turns out to be A POSSIBLE ZOMBIE GIRLFRIEND. Oy, just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water... But the surreal scene's a helpful metaphor for lost love and letting old relationships float away instead of pulling you across a lake, which most of us can probably relate to. (Or maybe it's just a PSA about not putting acid in your tackle box.)

Watch Taking Back Sunday's "This Is All Now."

The track's confrontational in different ways, grappling with faith and unquestioning believers: "You don't know yourself/ How can I know you?" singer Adam Lazzara rages, before asking, "Can you imagine Christ hitting a child?" Good point, guys. The bridge breaks from the thunderous power chords with the deep breath of a piano section, with Lazzara asking simply, "Tell me the whole truth."

The emotionally charged song (which we've been jamming since way back) is the latest from the band's self-titled album, which dropped last summer. Talking Back Sunday will spend April taking back Australia with New Found Glory, and the band will join the cavalcade of acts with special vinyl for Record Store Day on April 21, with a four-track acoustic EP set for release.

+ Watch Taking Back Sunday's "This Is All Now."

Photo credit: Phillip Graybill

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