New Video: Tegan And Sara, ‘Closer’

Tegan and Sara encourage party guests to get "Closer" in their brand-new video.

We've gushed over Tegan and Sara's slow but sure turn from low-production indie pop to, well, HIGH-production pop before, as seen in such recent singles as "I'm Not Your Hero" and "Closer" (both to appear on the girls' upcoming release album, Heartthrob, dropping Jan. 29). Honestly, the sisters have come a long way from all-acoustic jams like "Walking With A Ghost," but you know what? Their musical shift has been nothing if not flawless. In fact, we think perhaps Tegan and Sara's new production-slick sound has culminated in their video for "Closer," an upbeat, synth-laden jam that encourages its listeners, to, well, get a whole lot closer.

Watch Tegan and Sara's "Closer" video after the jump.

Featuring the girls at an all-night rager, the Isaac Rentz-directed clip opens with Tegan and Sara singing the words to "Closer" as a karaoke song while a crew of party guests dance in a balloon-filled room behind them. In another room, more guests are doing all kinds of nocturnal, alcohol-induced things like building forts, spreading lipstick on each other's faces, tumbling around on a bed, and making out. A LOT OF MAKING OUT. The clip continues this way, juxtaposing scenes where Tegan and Sara sing earnestly into the camera and at each other while kids just wanna have fun in the other room. And it looks like a party we want to join -- remember to send us invites next time, guys? It's probably in your native Canada, but that's OK -- we've been saving up our miles especially for this.

+ Watch Tegan and Sara's "Closer" video.

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