New Video: The Hood Internet, ‘More Fun’

The Hood Internet teams up with Tobacco and Psalm One in "More Fun."

Mashup kings/taco fans The Hood Internet have been smashing together our favorite jams since 2007, but now they're focused on crafting some new tracks of their own. Their latest is "More Fun," which comes with a video that's a straight-up suspense-thriller, all extreme close-ups with a shocking ending. Konee Rok directed the video, though at first we thought it had to be Soderbergh.

Watch The Hood Internet's "More Fun" video after the jump.

In Matt Damon's role is Hood Internet's DJ Stv Slv playing a dude under constant surveillance. Slv spends the video being a chill bro: playing basketball, walking his dog, eating hot dogs, and getting busy in the Kmart parking lot. The usual! But it's all under the watchful eye of Chicago MC Psalm One, who confronts him at the video's conclusion with the trail of trash he's left behind -- including his own used condom. Don't litter, y'all. Definitely don't litter.

The musicians contribute to the track as well, making for a floor-rattling banger that's way more fun than getting your Magnum -- BRB, barfing -- tossed at your nose. "I can kiss you, I can make you love me/ at least until the high wears off, you'll be my hubby," Psalm One raps over bending synth notes and jackhammer drums. It's all pretty, uh, in your face. The Hood Internet's FEAT, the duo's debut album, is out now.

+ Watch The Hood Internet's "More Fun" video.

Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz

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