New Video: The Shins, ‘The Rifle’s Spiral’

The ShinsYou already knew The Shins could change your life, but the band's new video is especially magical. Featuring immaculate, "Coraline"-sque stop-motion visuals, "The Rifle's Spiral" is more a short film than a music video. The story stars a bejeweled magician playing to an invisible crowd and, thanks to a well-placed top hat, "borrowing" a rabbit from a mean-looking sorcerer trio. It's when they track the thief down and recover the animal that the film gets wild. The video ends with a giant, fire-breathing bunny with ruby eyes -- exactly the kind of thing we wish we could just pull out of a hat, or at least have at our second-grade birthday party.

Watch The Shins' "The Rifle's Spirit" after the jump.

We wouldn't mind pulling out a song this good, either: "The Rifle's Spiral" is the lead track from the band's latest album, Port of Morrow, and sparkles with the melodic charm and twitchy chord changes we've come to expect from the indie icons. If you can't get enough, the band's sharing a live version of the track for free on Google Music as part of its brand-new "Live From The Lot" EP.

Some cool trivia before you dig in: The video's Grammy-nominated director Jamie Caliri has a long history of offbeat clips, including Marcy Playground's 1997 one-hit-wonder classic "Sex and Candy." No monster bunnies in that one, just a regular-size tarantula. We'll, uh, take our chances with the fire-breathing rabbit.

+ Watch The Shins' "The Rifle's Spiral" video.

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