New Video: The Wanted, ‘Gold Forever’

Watch our new favorite boy band The Wanted's video, "Gold Forever."

I'm finding it very hard not to make a "Glad You Came" reference right now. I'm thinking something along the lines of: "I'm glad The Wanted came to America so I can stare at their beautiful faces before I go to bed every night." Forgive me -- I'm dealing with a severe case of PTSD due to the fact that The Wanted has now replaced Backstreet Boys as my fave boy band. It's hard, but times change.

Fresh off their performance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," the boys of The Wanted have released their video for "Gold Forever." The video has been out since last March in the U.K. (way to deprive us, guys), but it's only now that we can get our Wanted-obsessed mitts on it. Seriously, who do we speak to about coordinating the U.K./U.S. release schedule? This is discrimination.

Watch The Wanted's "Gold Forever" video after the jump.

In the video, The Wanted lads hit up a house party. Instead of models, bottles and passed hors d'oeuvres the boys find the entire guest list wearing red clown noses. Reluctant at first, after a while the boys get down with the red nose steeze and start rocking them too. While a video featuring hot bros wearing clown noses may seem completely odd to us, in the U.K., the song was released on Red Nose Day and was the official 2011 single in support of the Comic Relief charity.

What we're trying to tell you here is that not are the men of The Wanted abnormally attractive, but they've got sexy British accents AND they support worthwhile causes. It's just TOO GOOD!

+ Watch The Wanted's "Gold Forever" video.

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