New Video: Tito Lopez, ‘The Blues’

Tito Lopez professes his love for his home state of Mississippi in his video 'The Blues.'

Mississippi MC Tito Lopez is about to take over the rap game with his open and introspective debut single, "The Blues." It marks Tito's first single off his forthcoming debut album on Capitol Records and his long-awaited follow-up to his smash "Mama Proud."

Watch Tito Lopez's "The Blues" video after the jump. 

The video was shot in Mississippi and focuses on Tito's love and pride for his home state. He rides around in the back of a car and looks out the window onto his beloved hometown and ponders, "I'm asking questions/ Life got me guessing/ I got the blues." Then Tito hops out of the car, makes a pit stop at a blues cafe, and meets some fellow Mississippi-natives with whom he shoots the breeze. Nighttime falls, and Tito is still roaming his hometown. He takes in aspects of the city he loves like meeting up with old pals, as well as the parts he finds tougher to take like the poverty that falls on the city's youth. Mad props, though, for being introspective while still maintaining your swag, Tito. Don't forget to catch Tito Lopez live as he tours nationwide with rapper Big K.R.I.T.

+ Watch Tito Lopez's "The Blues" video

Photo credit: Capitol Records

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