New Video: Usher, ‘Climax’

Things get kinda dangerous in Usher's video 'Climax.'

Usher's gone on record stating that his new Diplo-produced jam "Climax" is not about sex. While we kinda find that hard to believe, his new "Climax" video features a few pretty sexual moments, so we're calling your bluff, Ush. But that's OK. Still feel free to call us any time you want.

In "Climax," we see a forlorn Usher sitting in his car just, you know, stalking checking out his ex-girl's house like that's not creepy behavior or anything. As he watches his girl chill with her new man, he contemplates trying to steal her away. He gazes longingly at what he's lost as he sings: "Don't wanna give in/ So we both gave up/ Can't take it back/ It's too late, we reached the climax." Eventually, Usher sneaks into the house and we see the duo twerk it out in some super steamy scenes. Just as they're about to reach the "climax," Usher's ex's current beau drives up to the house! The suspense!

Watch Usher's "Climax" video after the jump.

While we don't wanna give away too much of the cliff-hanger ending, we can tell you that Usher's got a gun, a shot is fired, and we see him and his gal frantically running out of the house with a suitcase. DRAMZ!  Who knows if they'll get caught or if Usher and his gal will stay together in the long run, but we're always game for a dramatic story line. And an Usher video. Twofer!

+ Watch Usher's "Climax" video.

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