New Video: Waka Flocka Flame Featuring Trey Songz, ‘I Don’t Really Care’

Oh man, I must have died and gone to bricksquad heaven to hang out with Slim Dunkin -- it is literally unbelievable that we've been blessed with not only the full-length version and video for Waka Flocka's incredible ode to Paris, "Foreign S***," but now we also get the very long-awaited visuals to his Trey Songz-assisted trap banger, "I Don't Really Care." I've listened to this song a lot since it dropped last month, and when we actually had Flocka in the building recently on Hip Hop POV, I really wanted him to perform it. We got "Round of Applause" and "Hard In The Paint" instead. (Not that I have any complaints, he was great.) Maybe now that there's an official video for "I Don't," it can blow up like it deserves to, because "Applause" has been out forever. I guess I just don't understand marketing cycles or whatever, but I don't really care.

Watch Waka Flocka Flame and Trey Songz's "I Don't Really Care" video after the jump.

Waka Flocka teaming up with Trey Songz might seem like an odd pairing. Flocka hasn't been on many tracks with R&B singers, but their collaboration on "I Don't Really Care" works. Flocka does have some precedence making crossover hits, like "No Hands." The producers behind "I Don't Really Care" also probably have a lot to do with the song's success. Maybe not so much Skyy Stylez, a virtual unknown (seriously, Google him), but more so platinum hitmaker Troy Taylor, who's usually included in the package when you get Mr. Steal Yo Girl on your joint. That, and with "KY" Engineering on the mix you know the final track is going to be, uh, smooth and easy.

The lyrics, mostly about not caring that they have too many dollar bills to fold up, too many b****es, and too many haters, might have you thinking that this video would just be Flocka and Songz hanging out, maybe passing some recreational drugs and watching "Basketball Wives." Instead they take you inside the world of an illegal, back alley art auction -- an auction that gets interrupted by a bunch of young goons who hogtie everyone and proceed to destroy all the art in front of their stupid, rich faces. I guess!? I've watched this video like, a half-dozen times and have no clue what's going on. But again, I don't really care.

Waka Flocka Flame's sophomore album, Triple F Life, drops June 12 on Warner Bruhs.

+Watch Waka Flocka Flame featuring Trey Songz, "I Don't Really Care." (Lyrics NSFW.)

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