New Video: Wale Featuring Rick Ross And Meek Mill, ‘Ambition’

M-M-M-Maybach Music! So in an effort to be the first rap label to make a video for every single song they release, Wale drops the official video for the inspirational title track from his sophomore album, Ambition. DC's own Ralph Folarin is joined on a downtown L.A. rooftop by his Self Made partners, Meek Mill and their boss, Rick Ross. And that's it! Because we're not pretending that Pill is still a part of the UNTOUCHABLE Maybach Empire, right?

Watch Wale's video "Ambition," featuring Rick Ross & Meek Mill after the jump.

Anway, there's not too much going on here, unless you count the guys all "getting the memo" about wearing contrasting leather jackets. (Which I count. Rawse's LSU joint in particular.) There's also few flashback scenes to what life was like in the hood for a young Meek and a young-but-still-looks-30 Ross back in the day. Fortunately they don't pretend Wale had a similar past, and to be fair, that's not something he's ever really tried to claim, even going so far to drop a line in "Ambition" about having never "spent a minute up in the streets." But if thematic consistency was what they were going for (and who in rap is going for that these days?) it would've made more sense for this to be a Pill track instead of Wale, but yeah we've already covered that.

Also, here's a quick reminder that Wale still owns and wears a s---load of Jordans:

See y'all next week when MMG drops another eight videos.

+ Watch Wale featuring Rick Ross & Meek Mill's "Ambition" video. (Language NSFW.)

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