New Video: Young Jeezy Featuring Ne-Yo, ‘Leave You Alone’

Young Jeezy rides low in his latest "Leave You Alone."

What up tho! Let's take a trip with Young Jeezy and Ne-Yo through East L.A. in the new video for "Leave You Alone," their anthem off of Jeezy's recent Thug Motivation:103. The song, if you're unfortunately unfamiliar with it, is about a girl who, ya know, can't leave Jeezy alone despite his thuggin' lifestyle and the disapproval of her family. And the video (at seven minutes it's more of a short film) plays out this story with the iconic Los Angeles hood as the backdrop.

Watch Young Jeezy's video "Leave You Alone," featuring Ne-Yo" after the jump.

I don't know if it was my steady diet of films like "Boyz N The Hood," "Baby Boy," "Friday," and "Training Day" growing up, but I love this s---. And nothing that you would expect to see has been left out: Palm trees, Chevy Impala low-riders (old and new), loc'd out eses completely inked up, time-lapse shots of the sun setting over the hills -- it's all there; we even get a couple of cameos from West Coast legend, Warren G, who also produced the lush track. All of this imagery has been beautifully captured by director Taj Stansberry who deserves a lot of credit for consistently turning out high quality visuals amidst a sea of cheesy, green-screen throwaways. Rappers should keep hiring him.

In the end, Jeezy's girl still can't leave him alone, but her brothers, the previously mentioned eses, aren't having that, and they forcibly remove her from Young's trap house. It's not too clear if this is just a racial thing or because he's a rival gangster, but regardless of the reasons you kind of just feel bad for the Soul Survivor. But at least he avoided the inevitable drive-by -- he lives to rap, love, and thug another day.

+ Watch Young Jeezy featuring Ne-Yo's "Leave You Alone" video. (Language NSFW.)

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