Next gen will be the last, says God of War creator

David Jaffe believes next Xbox, PS4, and Wii U will be final wave of new consoles, predicts streaming options bundled with TV sets as future.


Consoles will die off after the Wii U, PlayStation 4, and next Xbox, according to God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe. The outspoken developer told Games Industry International that not only will the next generation of consoles be the last, but these systems ought to be the last.

"Look, consoles are going away. I think in 10 years--probably sooner. But 10 years is always the safe thing to say so you don't sound like an idiot. But here's what I'll say: I'll go on the record and say that the next generation of hardware will be the last consoles. And they should be," Jaffe said.

Despite the prediction of consoles being cleared out, Jaffe believes Sony will continue to develop big-budget games like God of War and Uncharted, but these games will be streamed through new television sets.

"It doesn't mean you won't buy a piece of hardware from Sony, but you'll probably buy a television that streams the stuff," he said. "And you'll still have Sony, loud and proud and strong making these great, big, epic games like God of War and Uncharted, and they'll be making great little games like Sound Shapes, but they'll become more like movie studios for video games. I'll be able to stream in the next Uncharted and Plants vs. Zombies, and you won't even think about it."

The Wii U--due out worldwide this holiday season--is the only next-generation console officially confirmed. Future-generation systems from Microsoft and Sony have been the subject of great speculation, but neither company has gone on record regarding plans for new consoles. For more on the speculation related to the next generation, check out GameSpot's rumor roundup feature.

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