Next Xbox hardware already in manufacturing – Report

Speculation sparked that dev kits for Xbox 360 successor have already been assembled at Texas branch of electronics firm Flextronics.

Microsoft has said gamers shouldn't expect to see its next gaming console anytime soon, but developers might already be getting their hands on the system. IGN is citing an unspecified source with the news that the next Xbox hardware has entered manufacturing.

The report says hardware for the next Xbox has been produced at the Austin, Texas, branch of electronics firm Flextronics, which was the first manufacturer of the original Xbox and one of three Microsoft initially employed to work on the Xbox 360. The firm also reportedly created a testing group focused specifically on "comprehensive marketing, software, and hardware tests of the next Xbox."

As for what exactly is being produced, IGN speculates Flextronics is producing dev kits so the next Xbox developers have hardware on which to create their games. Microsoft had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment as of press time.

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