Nicki Minaj Channels Judy Jetson In Her New Pepsi Ad (PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj rocks head-to-toe pink in her new Pepsi ad.

Sure, some celebs might wanna rock top-of-the-line couture while posing for their ginormous Pepsi campaign, but we've gotta give props to Nicki Minaj for ditching the Chanel and opting to work her best Jane Jetson instead. The resemblance is uncanny! If we didn't know better, we'd think that the "Starships" singer was intentionally channeling our favorite Hanna-Barbera character. (Wait, is this a new alter ego?)

Next Monday, May 7, Pepsi will debut "Now In The Moment," a new commercial in support of their global campaign "Live For Now." The ad will feature a sick remix of Nicki's Drake-assisted "Moment 4 Life" as well tons of shots of Nicki looking all sortsa dope (duh). While we've only seen one still from the shoot, we're guessing Nicki goes H.A.M. in the commercial and ends up spitting some Roman-esque rhymes while gulping some Pepsi. (Or whatever.) Or perhaps she'll fly around à la Mrs. Jetson dropping large shipments of free Pepsi to those in need? We don't know, guys. Don't try to predict what Nicki's gonna do next.

Photo credit: PepsiCo

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