Nicki Minaj Got A Kiss From Madonna, We Want To Trade Places With Her (VIDEO)

Madonna kissed Nicki Minaj, and there's a video of it!

Remember when Nicki Minaj went straight BUCK because Madonna kissed her on the lips on her birthday while they were shooting the "Give Me All Your Luvin'" video? She shared the news on Twitter, and judging by the superfluous exclamations, she couldn't believe it was happening. Yo Nicki, we'd do the same thing. A kiss from Madonna? I can't...

Thanks to the power of technology (and the fact that some smart videographer knew everyone in the world would want to see this after that whole Britney/Christina/Madonna VMA triple kiss situation), we've now got the video of this interaction taking place, and OMG, we're effing jealous. After blowing out the candles on her delicious looking cupcakes, Nicki looks like she's absolutely going to lose it when Madge leans in for a cute little smooch. "Did you get the kiss with Madonna on camera?!" Nicki asks the crew. The she yelled "OH MY GOD!" like any normal human might. Our thoughts exactly.

We must say we're not at all surprised by this little friendship these two divas have struck up. Madonna is the "Queen Bitch" and Nicki Minaj is the Harajuku Barbie. We're pretty sure that's a match made in famous lady heaven. Is there room for us up there, girls?

+ Watch Madonna and Nicki Minaj kiss on the set of "Give Me All Your Luvin.'"

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