No More Heroes 3 Gets A New Tongue-In-Cheek Trailer That (Poorly) Explains The Series

No More Heroes 3 is coming later this year, and developer Grasshopper Manufacture has dropped a new age-gated trailer that explains the series so far...well, sort of. If you're familiar with the games of series director Suda 51, you probably know that his work has an offbeat and bizarre flavor, and this trailer is no different.

The trailer explains that series hero Travis Touchdown is an otaku who bought a beam sword at an online auction and became an assassin. In No More Heroes 1 and its sequel Desperate Struggle, Travis managed to climb the official assassin rankings to become #1. The trailer also claims that the franchise's latest entry, Travis Strikes Again, was the kind of "experimental game that will be fawned over in ten years," with a censored image of the game's mixed Metacritic score as an in-joke.

As with most of Suda 51's work, the trailer has no qualms about breaking the fourth wall. For example, it also explains that the controllable character Bad Girl was killed by Travis in a previous game, only to be resurrected by "some weird game console, or whatever." The trailer also appeals to gamers in a direct and somewhat disgusting way, telling them to play the game until your controller is "covered in grease." Tasty. Franchise heroine Sylvia also recommends you play the game for only ten hours a day, or "you're seriously gonna die." We'll see about that when the game releases on August 21, 2021 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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