OMFG: Wilson Phillips To Release New Album, Reality Show + Tour!

Wilson Phillips to release a new album, reality show and tour!!

RED ALERT, guys! For fans of Wilson Phillips, the '90s, the movie "Bridesmaids" or life in general, it's time to get BEYOND thrilled, because your favorite group (Wilson Phillips, duh) is coming out with a new album, a new reality show and a tour! And you only have to hold on for like, a few more days!

In celebration of their 20th year as recording artists, Wilson Phillips will release Dedicated, an 11-song album due out April 3. Rather than put out new tracks, the gals decided to release a tribute album in honor of The Beach Boys and The Mama & The Papas, two groups that the girls hold dear. (For non-Wilson Phillips die-hards, we'll remind you that Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys is the father of Wendy and Carnie Wilson, and John and Michelle Phillips from The Mamas & The Papas are Chynna Phillips' parents.) The Dedicated track list boasts reinterpretations of Mamas & Papas landmark singles such as "California Dreamin'" and Beach Boys' classics like "Wouldn't It Be Nice and "God Only Knows."

Read more about Wilson Phillips' tour and reality show after the jump.

If you can't wait until the album comes out, then tune in to QVC on Tuesday, March 20, to catch the girls performing a few songs off their forthcoming disc before they hit the road for a North American tour this summer. (Why QVC? We don't know! And we don't care!) If this still hasn't satiated your Wilson Phillips craving ('cause really, when is it ever satiated?) then make sure to DVR their new reality show "Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On," debuting Sunday, April 8, on the TV Guide Network.

Seriously, who do we send flowers to so we can thank them for all the amazing Wilson Phillips coming our way? Also, it took me a lot not to tell you guys to hold on one more time.

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