OMG: Austin Mahone Will Open For Taylor Swift On Six Shows Of Her ‘Red’ Tour (!!!!)

Austin Mahone is opening for Taylor Swift!

Brace yourselves, Mahomies! Your boy Austin Mahone is about to blow -- even more than he already has! Not only has he officially signed to Chase/Universal Republic, but now he's OPENING FOR BILLBOARD QUEEN TAYLOR SWIFT. We'll pause so you can regain consciousness. Also, remember when he hit the gym with his shirt off? Oops, sorry! You fainted again. Our bad.

Read more about Austin Mahone's tour dates with Taylor Swift after the jump.

As you might have already gathered, the "Say Something" singer (and his new short haircut!) will be hitting the road with Taylor on her upcoming "Red" tour. While Tay's songwriting pal and IRL duet partner, Ed Sheeran, will carry most of the opening act duties, Austin will also be joining Taylor for six shows. And by the way, he's effing PSYCHED about it: "I still can't believe I’m opening for Taylor! I’m so appreciative and excited for this opportunity. Getting to play in stadiums, and it’s with one of the biggest artists in the world! I can't wait!" Srsly, bb, congrats on the big opening gig! Wonder if your pal Justin Bieber (and Taylor Swift's Punk-er!) will check out the tour? Also, not to be insanely weird or stalkerish and stuff, but wasn't the color of Austin's brand-new car, umm, RED? We totally could have/should have called this partnership ages ago.

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