On Sale This Week from DST: Amazing Spider-Man Busts! Star Trek Retro! Steampunk Lexi!

Going to a comic book shop on Wednesday — a.k.a. “New Toy Day” — is like celebrating the holidays every week, especially with all the new product shipping to stores from Diamond Select Toys. Check out what shipped to stores this week!

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Retro Picard and Borg Figures
The toys may be from an older generation, but the characters are from the next one! DST’s popular Retro Star Trek line — inspired by the classic Mego figures of yesteryear and executed by the boys at EMCE Toys — slingshots forward with its first two characters from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” the Enterprise’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard and one of the series’ most popular antagonists, a Borg! Each figure features full cloth outfits and stands 8″ tall, and each comes packaged in a collector-friendly reusable clam shell package. (SRP: $19.99 each)

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Resin Busts
The new Amazing Spider-Man movie springs to 3-D life with three new resin busts from Diamond Select! Designed and sculpted by Gentle Giant, these busts of Spidey in his prototype costume, Spidey in his new movie duds and the ferocious Lizard range from 9 to 11 inches tall, each atop their own stylized base. Fit all three together to form your own movie display! (SRP: $79.99 each)

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Resin Statue
The Wall-crawler is back! For their new statue based on the movie The Amazing Spider-Man, DST has taken Spidey’s nickname to heart and placed him on the translucent base meant to simulate the sheer glass wall of a New York City skyscraper, for a variety of lighting possibilities. Designed and sculpted by Gentle Giant, this statue stands 7.5 inches tall. (SRP: $125.00)

Femme Fatales: Steampunk Lexi PVC Statue
Wipe the steam off your goggles and behold the latest lovely-yet-lethal lady to join the ranks of the Femme Fatales! Springing from the thought-tanks at DST, Lexi is dressed in timeless steampunk fashions and wields a deadly-looking pistol. (She may be a modern woman, but she has very old-fashioned ideas about personal security.) This PVC statue stands 9 inches tall, with a sculpt by Sam Greenwell. Goggles by Wertham and Higglebottom, Ltd. (SRP: $45.00)

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