One Direction AND The Wanted Grace The Cover Of Billboard… OH… MY… GOD! (PHOTOS)

The Wanted is on the cover of Billboard Magazine!

OMG, ZOMG, and every other abbreviation that expresses "holy s***!" Not even sure how I'm forming coherent sentences right now because MTV Push alums One Direction and MTV Push alums The Wanted are on the cover of Billboard magazine at the same time. As in, you can buy one issue but get two incredible covers which may in fact be the best bargain we've ever heard of. Oh, and it's officially official -- boy bands have taken over the entire universe. Thought you knew.

Styled to resemble an old-school teen magazine, the neon-colored Billboard cover shots feature a single pic of each band member framed by hearts, stars and basically all other cute shapes I might tween girls might doodle while daydreaming at school. I've always favored a "Mrs. Max George" type of doodle myself, but that just comes down to personal preference.

+ See One Direction's Billboard cover after the jump.

Inside Billboard's latest issue, the magazine explores the return of the boy band. The mag cites the hysteria that ensued when rabid fans got word that their favorite fivesome 1D would be at 30 Rock. A cool 15,000 chicks showed up and needless to say the police had to be called. (That's like Justin Bieber-caliber right there.) The mag goes on to quote Simon Cowell who comments on the return of the boy band hysteria: "I've done this long enough that everything in music and entertainment in cyclical." For us it's always been boy band time.  No literally, we've pretty much been down for a hearty dose of boy band since like 1997. Just sayin'.

One Direction is ALSO on the cover of Billboard Magazine!

Photo credit: Billboard Magazine

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