One Direction Go Back To The Beach/ Might Be Turning Into The Monkees (PHOTOS)

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson: 2 cute 4 wordz!!!

Between you and me, I could just upload photos of various members of One Direction hanging out at the beach all day without comment and just let you guys ogle along with me. But I have "to write about stuff" that includes "story arcs," so for the sake of "journalism" let's talk about the fact that 1D might actually be turning into The Monkees. There's just no way that this photo of Louis Tomlinson is candid. Only the very media trained are capable of such portraits -- because what's the point of being in a boy band if you can't remind your loyal minions that they will never be as naturally photogenic as you?

See more photos of One Direction back at the beach after the jump.

OK, fine, maybe these photos weren't staged, per se (because no one would put a Gatorade bottle in front of Liam Payne's face on purpose), but I'm just saying there's a very "Beach Blanket Bingo" feel to these shots. (Not unlike the slew of shirtless shots we posted a few days ago of the boys on a tiny boat off the coast of Australian.) It's not like One Direction is exactly hood or anything, but we just hope they hold on to their borderline rebellious charactaristics and zany tomfoolery forever!

Louis and Liam learn to surf. We want to be their instructor.

The Monkees: OG beach boy band.

Photo credit: Splash News/Getty Images

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