One Direction Looks Dapper With Model Edie Campbell In British Vogue (PHOTOS)

One Direction rocks letterman jackets with model Edie Campbell in British Vogue.

So, by now you probably know that the only thing we like more than listening to One Direction is LOOKING at One Direction. We like looking at them all together, and we like looking at them separately. We like looking at them playing soccer, doing magic tricks, posing with wax figurines and fake pigeons, making pasta with Justin Bieber, wearing wet T-shirts (or preferably no T-shirts), and now we like looking at them in British Vogue's December issue. Or more specifically, wearing dapper letterman jackets and suits while hanging out with model Edie Campbell!

Check out more pictures of One Direction in British Vogue after the jump.

Though Edie was the focus of Vogue's shoot, she reportedly had a great time hanging out with Harry, Zayne, Niall, Liam, and Louis, who were way shyer than she'd anticipated (yeah, us too!), except for Harry, who walked right up to her for a chat. "The others didn't really say much to me, just Harry," she said. "He looks so young, but he's so sweet. The hair was very prominent -- it was swept back like lots of teenage boys wear it. The hair was impressive." The model was also straightforward regarding how she felt more or less immune to the pop troupe's charms (sorry, Harry!), "I tried to fancy them, really I did, but I just didn't. They reminded me of my little sister's friends." We know what she means, but that doesn't stop us from plastering their pictures all over our pretend lockers bedroom walls. Especially when they're in black-and-white suits!!

Photo credits: Patrick Demarchelier/British Vogue

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  • R.B says:
    November 6, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    love it! they look soooo handsome in the suits! awesome pictures!

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