One Direction Reveal Their Secrets: Guys, Harry Cries All The Time (VIDEO)

One Direction chats with MTV News aka spills adorable secrets about each other.

We know, we know. One Direction is PERFECT. (Did you watch their record-breaking performance on the "Today" show yesterday morning??) We could've devoted an entire day's worth of blogs about how perfect they looked. (And about how much we're obsessed with their newly-dropped Take Me Home.) But as perfect as 1D is, we must remember that Stars Are Actually Just Like Us. That said, have you ever been kept up at night wondering which One Direction member cries during the sad parts of movies? How about which one has the worst morning breath? Or the one who falls in love the most easily? Well, now we can sleep peacefully, because we officially have our answers: MTV News sat down with the British boy band to ask them some burning questions like, "Who is the most likely to forget the lyrics onstage" and "Who would you want with you in a fight?" And the answers are pretty adorable/amusing.

Watch One Direction reveal each other's secrets after the jump!

We'd just like to point out how fun it looks to chat with the "Little Things" singers -- the boys make a joke out of everything, and seem totally ready to (laughingly) throw each other under the bus with their responses! When asked "Who's most likely to cry during a movie," all the boys point to Harry, saying, "He cries all the time." Guys, we think our hearts just stopped beating. Because SO CUTE. Well, we won't spoil everything for you -- the group's entire interview is below! Just get ready to say "awwwwwwww" for the next five hours.

+ Watch One Direction reveal each other's secrets!

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