One Direction’s Niall Horan Shirtless, We Can’t Stop Drooling (PHOTO)

One Direction's Niall Horan shows off his buff bod while waiting for a haircut.

This has already been THE BEST day of our effing lives since we scored a peek at a nearly shirtless Justin Bieber during his "TODAY" Show performance. Well, PRAISE the internet again, y'all!  We just scored another jackpot: One Direction's Niall Horan SHIRTLESS! We've already spent the last hour comparing which bro has a cuter belly button. (BRB, gonna check again.)

The British heartthrob graciously tweeted the bare-chested pic along with the caption, "Yess! @loutesdaleis back! Got a haircut." We're not sure who the haircutting girl is (a verrry lucky lady, no doubt,) we just REALLY wish we were her. Not only would we be up close and personal to the future 3-D movie star, while his exposed muscles rippled with boy band charm, but it would make it a whole lot easier for us to gather up locks of Niall's hair. We could sell that ish on eBay so fast (like that recent bitten piece of toast that went for 100K!). Hey, One Direction have their booming 100 million in profits to fall back on (probably from us investing stock in their new toy line). Letting us sell their hair is the least they can do for us.

Photo credit: @niallofficial

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