OOPS! Rihanna Broke Her Toe (PHOTO)

OUCH. Rihanna broke her toe, guys.

It's time for all members of the #RihannaNavy to sign a get-well-soon card, because Rihanna just broke her toe! Ri has been on a luxe vacation in St. Tropez and somewhere in between basically going shopping naked and looking stunning while basking in the sun, Rihanna accidentally broke her toe! The "Where Have You Been" singer's assistant, Jen Rosales, recently shared the photo of Ri's banged-up big toe on Instagram, saying, "It's not a vacation until someone breaks a toe!" You know what, that's actually kinda true.

While we can't confirm, rumor has it that Ri broke her toe while playing barkeep at a club. Not quite sure how one breaks their toe bartending, but we could toootally understand it if by "barkeep" everyone actually means "standing on top of a slippery bar pouring shots into everyone's mouths." Or something like that. But let's look on the bright side, shall we? At least Rihanna has a lovely pink pedicure! That's gotta count for something.

Photo credit: Jennifer Rosales' Instagram

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