Opinion: In Letting Go Of Sons Of Anarchy, Mayans MC Has Finally Surpassed It

When Mayans MC first debuted on FX in 2018, the possibility of revisiting the world of Sons of Anarchy was exciting, especially through the eyes of a new group of bikers. Still, the original series left some massive shoes to fill when it went off the air in 2014. While the show's quality may have fallen off in its final couple of seasons, Sons of Anarchy was a groundbreaking series for FX that told a compelling story and featured a group of characters you were dying to root for. How could a sequel series with an all-new cast stack up?

Yet here we are, nearing the end of Mayans MC's third and best season. Not only has it measured up to the original series, but it's also toppled it. It took some work to get there, though. After all, while all three seasons of Mayans MC are worthwhile, it's not until the current run of episodes that the show did the smartest thing it could: It buried the past and moved forward.

Co-created by Elgin James and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, the first two seasons of Mayans MC introduced a very relevant story. Unlike Sons of Anarchy's predominantly white motorcycle gang in a small Northern California town, Mayans is made up of a primarily Latinx cast of actors in a tale set on the border between the United States and Mexico. It couldn't be a more timely narrative.

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