Paramore Made Their Own Candy Hearts! Sweetest Valentine’s Day EVER! (PHOTO)

You could win Paramore-themed Valentine's Day candy -- aka THE SWEETEST CANDY EVER!

Not that we need an excuse to inhale Valentine's Day candy (you know we already bought 15 boxes of drugstore candy boxes to binge on), but Paramore's taking our sugar high to diabetic coma levels with their custom "still into you" Valentine's Day treats, which we could totally win by pre-ordering their forthcoming album. Uh, SOLD! This has to be the most brilliant marketing idea EVER! You know what they (kinda) say: The way to a fan's heart is through their stomach (and also through their ears, but whatever. Not relevant right now).

Find out how to get Paramore's candy and watch their "Now" video preview after the jump!

The "Now" singers shared the candy hearts on Instagram along with the caption "Anyone who preorders a copy of the new album on before Tuesday at 10 a.m. will have the chance to win these custom Paramore candy hearts." Well, how's THAT for incentive? We're already in love with their "Now" music video teaser, we'll probably tumble deeper down the infatuation rabbit hole when they unveil the entire "Now" video this Monday, Feb. 11, and now Paramore are tempting us with these adorable candies?! OK, we are officially THROWING out those drugstore-bought candy boxes, postponing dinner with our significant others, and JUST pre-ordering ourselves some Paramore. Well played, Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy. Well. Played.

Watch Paramore premiere their "Now" video on MTV and answer interview and fan questions on during "MTV First: Paramore," airing Monday, Feb. 11, at 7:23 p.m. ET.

Watch Paramore's "Now" video preview.

Photo credit: @paramore

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