Paramore Starts Fires/ Revolutions In Their ‘Now’ Video Preview

Watch Paramore's "Now" video preview.

Paramore enters a war zone in their "Now" video preview.

There's seriously no limit to our joy surrounding Paramore's reunion. We practically threw a Paramore parade in the office when we first heard Paramore's brand-new song, "Now," from their self-titled album Now, out April 9. We lost ourselves in a Hayley Williams/bangs state of delirium after seeing this fantastic set of new Paramore promo photos. And we were the first in line (like, one of those characters who camps out in the cold next to a barren box office) when Paramore tickets officially went on sale for their upcoming U.S. tour. We've also seen vague hints at Paramore's upcoming "Now" video, but now we're entering oxygen mask territory with Hayley, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York's 30-second "Now" video preview.

Watch Paramore's "Now" video preview after the jump.

Though Paramore's "Now" video will premiere in full during "MTV First: Paramore" (more on that below) the "Now" video preview reveals an apocalyptic war zone where soldiers in gas masks are engaged in full-blown combat. A collected Hayley calmly walks through the dusty chaos in a very cute army jacket and combat boots. Hayley pulls the pin on the grenade (ballsy!), and bright-red smoke balloons out before the clip fades to black. Could this battlefield be a metaphor for Paramore's recent lineup changes and band drama? Haley hasn't been very shy about Paramore's inner struggles in the past, so we're gonna stick with our band as a battlefield theory

Watch Paramore premiere their "Now" video on MTV and answer interview and fan questions on during "MTV First: Paramore," airing Monday, February 11 at 7:23 p.m. ET.

+ Watch Paramore's "Now" video preview.

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