Paulina Rubio Is Back With ‘Boys Will Be Boys,’ We’re In Love With It!

Can you guys believe it's been a full decade since Paulina Rubio unleashed her fiery Latin flavah all over our unsuspecting U.S. charts with her smash "Don't Say Goodbye"? Yeah, us either. And although we never really said goodbye to Paulina Rubio (who, it should be noted, many critics have been known to call "Paulegendina Rubicono," and by "many critics" we mean "actually just us"), the Mexican superstar has been absent from American radio for way too long, which means that she's way overdue on a big English-language comeback single. Right? Right.

Listen to Paulina Rubio's "Boys Will Be Boys" after the jump.

And ay carumba, this one's a banger! "Boys Will Be Boys," produced by of-the-moment hit machine RedOne, has all the hallmarks of a big club smash. Spunky guitars give way to a frantic gallop of a backbeat and Paulina's tangy Auto-Tuned vocals, which deliver some of the best violence-as-relationship metaphor lyrics we've heard in a minute. "Boys will be boys/ They like to play around/ You shot me with your love gun/ I'm falling to the ground." But most importantly, she imitates machine gun fire: "Pah-pah-pah-pah-pah-prrrr-rah!" We're gonna need to bust out a bulletproof vest for the club, y'all.

Does "Boys Will Be Boys" bear a suspicious resemblance to Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor"? Yes. Do we care? No. The song is straight fire. Just go with it.

+ Listen to a preview of Paulina Rubio's "Boys Will Be Boys."

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