PHOTOS: Justin Bieber’s New ‘Believe’ Promo Shots!

Nothing gets me excited the way new promo shots from Justin Bieber's upcoming Believe album do. (A "House Hunters International" marathon comes in at a close second.) Dude is looking dreamier than ever, and he's really getting a tight grasp on his brooding skills. These new shots are part James Dean, part Clearasil ad and all perfection.

Just while you were imagining Justin Bieber as the '50s sock hop boyfriend you always wanted after hearing his new retro-tinged track "Die In Your Arms," we've got a whole new set of photos for you to swoon over while listening. (Multitasking!) They feature Justin looking off into the far distance, Justin looking off into the nearer distance and one expression that might be considered a half smile. Range, people. Justin's got it. And a sick custom denim jacket. He's got that, too.

+ Check out all of Justin Bieber's new Believe promo photos before Believe drops on June 19!

Credit all photos: Ben Watts/UMG

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