PHOTOS: Matt Toka, Kreayshawn, Trace Cyrus, Boys Like Girls, Never Shout Never & More Bamboozle 2012 Artists!

Were you guys at Bamboozle this weekend like we were? No? Sorry to hear that. Good thing we took photos of basically the entire festival so you can look through them and pretend you were there. All of our pals stopped by... Well, not technically "our pals" in that we didn't know them before this weekend, but we're hoping we're on speed-dial status now since we did have an IRL hangout sesh. Marianas Trench paid us a visit, along with tons of other dudes and dudettes: Matt Toka, Action Bronson, Cherri Bomb, and obviously, Kreayshawn. Homegirl flaunted her Lil Homies necklace, and then we tried to steal it from her. I didn't work out.

Check out more of the photos we snapped at Bamboozle 2012 this past weekend after the jump, and see them all in our BAMBOOZLE 2012 PHOTO GALLERY!

If you don't know punk rocker Matt Toka yet, wise up. This dude is not only talented AND green-haired, but he's also effing adorable. Oh, and look at his arms. I mean, oh, and listen to his music.

Can we talk about Ashland High singer Trace Cyrus' tattoos for a minute? Like, how many hours in the chair does that amount of body art cost one person? Also, how is he keeping his pants up?

+ Check tons more photos from our weekend at Bamboozle 2012, including shots of Bayside, Wallpaper., Boys Like Girls and more in our BAMBOOZLE 2012 PHOTO GALLERY!

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