PHOTOS: Pop Stars Snackin’ On Snacks!

There are three things I love in this life: celebs, snacking and watching "Hoarders" marathons. So you can imagine my excitement about our newest photo gallery, POP STARS SNACKIN' ON SNACKS -- it combines two of my favorite things! We scoured our image archives to bring you the most LOLzy photos of your Buzzworthy regulars mid-bite (or mid-sip), and we felt the need to share it with you guys. Also, food rulez!

We've got Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga eatin' hot dogs, Rihanna poppin' popcorn, Britney Spears at Starbucks (obvi) and tons more. So don't feel bad about that Pinkberry (we've also got Selena Gomez chowin' on a sundae!) or that half a bag of pistachios (true story) -- everyone eats, guys. And everyone enjoys it.

See more of our favorite photos of POP STARS SNACKIN' ON SNACKS after the jump, and check out the gallery for all the pix.

Apparently if you're from Planet Ke$ha, you're not concerned with the major food groups. You prefer to munch on things of a hairier variety -- like beards. Um, we won't be asking for a bite of that, Ke$h. That's all you.

Even in your Canadian tuxedo, Joe Jonas, you drinking Starbucks makes us think of our morning cup of joe (puns!) which makes us think of waking up, which makes us think of doing that with you. Too far?

+ Satiate your appetite with the rest of our photos of pop stars chowin' down in Buzzworthy's POP STARS SNACKIN' ON SNACKS PHOTO GALLERY! Snacks on snacks on snacks! Snacks on racks!

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