PHOTOS: The Best Of Katy Perry Part II

If we can please rip you away from your repeat listening of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection (which dropped today), we'd like to present you with something else you might enjoy: Katy Perry photos! We didn't feel like our first Best of Katy Perry photo gallery was enough, so we went ahead and made you guys another one. Checks and cotton candy will be accepted as thank-yous.

Is it just us or has Katy Perry been absolutely killing it lately? It's no surprise that 2011 was basically her best year ever -- the girl won about a bajillion awards and was named MTV's Artist Of The Year, she voiced the role of Smurfette in "The Smurfs" movie and she held it down on her worldwide "California Dreams" tour. But she also sadly endured the breakup of her marriage to Russell Brand. But Katy isn't taking it lying down. Since 2012 has started, dare we say that girl's been fiercer than ever? The blue hair is killing it, and "Part Of Me" is obviously our new favorite video.

We kind of feel like every day should be full of Katy Perry in some way -- check out 23 reasons why we think so in our BEST OF KATY PERRY PART II PHOTO GALLERY.

See more of our favorite recent Katy moments after the jump, and check out our BEST OF KATY PERRY PART II PHOTO GALLERY.

Katy got wild at the 2012 Super Bowl/Madonna show, and we can't say we blame her. Newly single, young and super pretty? Duhhhh. We're pretty sure a party full of hot athletes is the best place to start going out again.

Love it or hate it, Katy Perry treated us all with what Mariah Carey would call "a blonde moment" during the blue carpet premiere of "The Smurfs" movie. Hey, no one can say the girl doesn't take risks.

+ See the rest of our favorite Katy Perry moments in our BEST OF KATY PERRY PART II PHOTO GALLERY, and try not to be too jealous of her life.

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