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We know we're not the only ones who have a Google reminder set for the release of Madonna's MDNA album (out in exactly six days!!!!). Not that we really need a reminder -- when Madonna's up to something, whether it's a new album, a new movie or a new look, the entire world's going to know about it whether they want to or not. (But most of us want to.)

The buzz around Madonna's 12th studio album (!!!) started around this year's Super Bowl halftime show and has been keeping a steady pace ever since. Critics are already singing MDNA's praises while we're spending half of our days hyperventilating into a paper bag imagining what the entire thing sounds like. To quell your thirst, take a look through some of our favorite Madonna photos in our BEST OF MADONNA PHOTO GALLERY. Many of the key players are there -- the cone bra, the classic Victorian-inspired "Vogue" performance at the VMAs, the Britney/Madonna/Christina makeout moment seen round the world (above) -- while a couple rare finds might cause a LOL or two.

Case in point: Madonna throwing up bullhorns. Apparently this actually happened. Seen here with Carson Daly, Madonna got all "Nickelback concert" on us. We would actually love to see more of this.

Check out more of the best Madonna photos we could find after the jump, and see them all in our BEST OF MADONNA PHOTO GALLERY!

In case you needed to be reminded why Madonna is referred to as "Her Madgesty": Her incredible, all-out gymnastics routine during her awesome Super Bowl halftime show in 2012.

Like this needs a caption. Pshh.

+ Continue your MDNA countdown while taking a look through our BEST OF MADONNA PHOTO GALLERY, and check out more Madonna videos and Madonna photos for you to "Cherish."

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