PHOTOS: The Best Of One Direction!

The only forgivable reason for not reading this One Direction post right now is that you're too busy listening to One Direction's album, Up All Night, which dropped today. But you know what, it's called multitasking. Get with the program.

We've been on their steeze for a while but now that One Direction's crazy-successful album Up All Night is out Stateside (it was released in the U.K. at the end of last year), we can finally explore our obsession with this British-Irish boy band out in the open and without shame! The "What Makes You Beautiful" singers have taken England by storm (they took home a Brit Award for British Single), but now these dude's faces are starting to line the lockers and bedroom walls of teenage girls (and grown women?) everywhere. And why would they not -- THEY ARE ADORABLE.

Help us celebrate the return of the boy band with our BEST OF ONE DIRECTION PHOTO GALLERY, and keep your mitts off Harry Styles, OK? I've staked my claim on Twitter, and I'm pretty sure that means we're married. There's four left to choose from, so pick one!

None of the One Direction dudes are older than 20, but they all showed up to the 2012 Brit Awards looking better than most 35-year-old men I know. The non-matching-matching says, "We might all sing songs together in harmony, but we each have different favorite colors and ice cream flavors." Whoever is "green" and "chocolate chip cookie dough" is MINE.

Check out more photos of One Direction after the jump, and see the entire adorbz collection in our BEST OF ONE DIRECTION PHOTO GALLERY!

We're pretty sure a divine spirit was in the U.K. arena with One Direction the night of this performance earlier this year. That, or the lighting guy is like, really good. I mean, LOOK at that skin. It's cherubic! (That's a non-creepy way of saying, "I wonder what it smells like.")

See the rest of our favorite One Direction photos in our BEST OF ONE DIRECTION PHOTO GALLERY, and don't be ashamed if you're suddenly printing them out. It's OK, we're here for you.

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