PHOTOS: The Most Amazing Girl Group Photos!

We know that the pop landscape lately has been all boy band everything (we're talking to you, The Wanted and One Direction), but we think we're due for another girl group explosion some time soon, too! No one can heal a scorned heart like a girl group (Destiny's Child's "Say My Name," En Vogue's "Don't Let Go") or make us want to kiss and make up like a girl group (Spice Girls' "2 Become 1," Wilson Phillips' "Hold On"). Also, color-coordinated outfits! Girl groups of past and present do them best.

Pay homage with us to some of our favorite girl groups! All the classics are there -- TLC in all their condoms-as-glasses glory, Destiny's Child and their mighty midriffs, the Spice Girls sipping tea and tons more. Who's the next girl group gonna be, y'all? We need a new one, STAT.

Check out more amazing and hilarious girl group photos after the jump, and see them all in our gallery of AMAZING GIRL GROUP PHOTOS!

There were a few requirements for being in Destiny's Child: precise eye shadow application, killer abs and at least 3 pounds of sequins on all members at all times.

This is the best photo of the Spice Girls ever. That is all.

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Credit all photos: Getty Images/WireImage/Getty Images

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