Pitbull Gets Really Up Close And Personal In GQ (PHOTO)

Pitbull poses seductively on the cover of GQ magazine.

O hai there Pitbull, our apologies! We didn't even notice you posing provocatively on the ledge of a pool while your chest hair spills out of your tight white suit. Our bad! But no seriously, hey Pitbull! It's nice to see all of you. (Ba-dum ching.)

Posing for the April issue of GQ magazine, in addition to giving us the "You and I both know that I just hooked up with a hot model" gaze, Mr. Worldwide poses in a (perhaps too tight) white suit while chilling spread eagle on the ledge of a pool. Normal. Also, what powerful ab muscles he must have to be able to support himself in that position! You been working out, dawg?

Read about Pitbull's GQ interview after the jump.

Inside the spread (hahaha) Pitbull opens up (hahaha again) to the mag about being labeled a sell out: "People say I switched? Maybe I outgrew you. I look at it as an evolution, and setting the path. I'm showing you where to go." Haters to the left. Pit is also candid about his fame and how he views it as a business venture: "Look, Pitbull is a product. Don't get it f***ed up -- I'm a businessman. This industry is 90 percent business, 10 percent talent. It's the people who think they're talented, that their s*** don't stink, who get left behind." Pitbull has tons of other worthwhile things to say in the interview, but we're thinking a lot of readers might just stop at this photo.

Photo credit: Kenneth Cappello/GQ

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