PlayStation Move ships 10.5 million – Report

Sony reveals new combined shipment tally for motion-sensing Move and Navigation controllers; Sports Champions most popular Move-enabled game.


Sony's PlayStation Move motion-control technology has reached a new shipment milestone. Speaking at a 2012 Game Developers Conference session yesterday (via IGN), Sony developer support engineer Gabe Ahn revealed that the PS Move has shipped 10.5 million units to retailers thus far.

That figure includes combined shipments of PS Move controllers and Navigation controllers. Sony made no mention of how many units it had sold to date.

In October, Sony revealed that it had shipped more than 8.3 million PlayStation Move units, up from the 8 million it announced in April.

Ahn remarked during the talk that PS Move is "part of our DNA."

On top of revealing the new shipment tally for PS Move units, Ahn said Zindagi Games' launch title Sports Champions remains the most popular title for the PS Move. Sports Champions is included in the PS Move starter bundle.

The PS Move launched in September 2010 and is compatible with a range of games for current PlayStation 3 titles, including Just Dance 3, Grand Slam Tennis 2, and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. The technology will be compatible with future games like BioShock: Infinite and Ninja Gaiden III.

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