POSTED: Karmin On ‘Brokenhearted’ And Getting Pumped Backstage

We were already crushing on Karmin (that's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan) when they recently released two dope new hits, "Hello" and "I'm Just Sayin.'" But now we get to officially celebrate THE CUTEST duo in music as MTV's POSTED artist for May! All month long we'll share exclusive videos, photos and interviews of the adorbz twosome guaranteeing you'll also become a big Karmin fan. (It also doesn't hurt that they're both super easy on the eyes.)

Watch Karmin chat about "Brokenhearted" and getting pumped backstage after the jump.

The first video catches the pair chatting about their "Brokenhearted" music video. The duo are actually an official couple and say the song and video are autobiographical: "It's based on how we met... back in Boston." The two continue to fill us in on their incredibly cute "how they met" story before sharing their favorite video moment: "It was shooting the party scene... because we put together a huge group that are our friends." So, basically, Karmin's real life is as awesome as it looks in their video.

Next, a video shows Karmin getting pumped backstage before a performance --  but don't expect to see some wild, rock star antics. Instead, you'll find the couple excitedly chanting "yes" and throwing motivational, supportive compliments at each other to get pepped up. All those "don't work with someone you love" haters, step aside -- this is how it's done.

Watch more of Karmin's videos at all month long!

+ Watch Karmin chat about "Brokenhearted" and getting pumped backstage.


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