POSTED: The Wanted Discuss Actors They Resemble + A (Super Duper) Gross Tour Bus Moment

It feels like we're total BFFs with The Wanted since announcing them as MTV's POSTED artist for April -- we've learned so much about the "Chasing The Sun" singers that it feels that way! The guys have shared everything from what it's like tweeting with Justin Bieber to beer-chugging preperformance rituals and weird fan gifts. This week, the U.K. band dish out more secrets: who they think should play them in a movie and what really happens when they're alone on the tour bus. If only we really were friends IRL...

Watch The Wanted talk actors and tour bus moments after the jump.

Our first clip catches The Wanted debating actors that would play each band member in a nonexistent (yet!) movie. The entire group playfully shout very accurate suggestions of themselves, but all the guys instantly suggest "Twilight" star Taylor Launter would play bandmate Siva Kaneswaran. We completely agree and TOTALLY support this potential film.

The next clip shows the boys, well, acting like boys as they share a very disgusting tour bus moment. Jay McGuiness begins the gruesome tale: "The rule on the tour bus is no No. 2s... 'cause it could ruin everyone's day." (Yes, that "No. 2.") Jay explains that band member Thomas Parker broke that rule and... you can watch the video for the rest of the story. We have manners, thank you very much.

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Watch The Wanted talk actor look-alikes and a gross tour bus moment.

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