POSTED: The Wanted Dish On Must-See U.S. Sites + Pre-Performance Rituals

You aren't dreaming, The Wanted really are MTV's POSTED artist for April! While we've already shared the UK band's take on Twitter and Justin Bieber earlier this week (along with their killer MTV Spring Break performance), we have so much love for the blokes that we decided to share even more videos (like you can ever have too much of the "Glad You Came" singers). This time, we find out about the guys' pre-performance rituals and their must-see sites in the U.S.A. (BRB: Figuring out how to become the band's official American tour guide.)

Watch The Wanted talk pre-performance rituals and must-see U.S. sites after the jump.

In the first video, The Wanted chat about how they get hyped before a live performance. While they start out with a joke about sacrificing a lamb (um...), they actually don't have many rituals. "If we're nervous before a gig, we'll do the American fist bump... which is always fun." (Thanks, "Jersey Shore.") Most of the time, they just chug a beer to loosen up -- don't worry, they're all of legal drinking age.

Next video catches the Brits sharing what American sites they hope to see while promoting their Battleground album here. On the list: the Grand Canyon, Universal Pictures (the guys are signed with them) and Disney World. This band really loves America, guys! So, we're thinking... maybe they should move here! Like, into our apartments?

Watch more of The Wanted's videos at all month long!

+ Watch The Wanted chat about pre-performance rituals and must-see American sites.

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