POSTED: The Wanted Get Punk’d And Weird Fan Gifts

April has been THE BEST MONTH EVER since we announced The Wanted as MTV's POSTED artist for the month. And while the U.K. band is new to the States, they haven't been shy letting us get to know them. We've already learned that they're making time to catch must-see sites while on tour in the U.S, and we adore their acoustic cover of the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris." Now prepare to be charmed by the lads' humorous tales on the weirdest fan gift they ever received and their "Punk'd" experience.

Watch The Wanted talk fan gifts and getting Punk'd after the jump.

Our first clip catches the "Chasing The Sun" singers' tale about the oddest fan gift they've received: a giant beer mug with their names on it. While they admit it's not that weird of a gift, they were more surprised with what else was written on the mug -- we agree, pretty strange. But since one preperformance ritual involves chugging beer, we're betting this gift will be put to very good use.

Up next, the Brits recall getting Punk'd! Bandmate Tom Parker excitedly shares their faux kidnapping scenario: "We're outside 'Chelsea Lately' when this little girl asked us if we could sign something for her. When we came out [after filming], [the little girl] went missing! And then we got pulled over by the police!" We also learn that bandmate Jay McGuiness was in on the prank (always one joker in the group)! The guys confess how freaked out they were, but we have to agree with the MTV's Sway: "In America, you know you made it if you get Punk'd." Congrats, guys!

Watch more of The Wanted's videos at all month long!

+ Watch The Wanted talk fan gifts and getting Punk'd.

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