POSTED: The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness Attempts To Break His Milk-Chugging Record (VIDEO)

Watch The Wanted's Jay McGuiness attempt to break his milk-chugging record.

When we discover unique things about famous heartthrobs like The Wanted's Jay McGuiness' milk-chugging record, we're suddenly slapped with the reality that these guys aren't actually gods sent from another planet to woo us with sultry music videos like "Chasing The Sun." Instead, they're normal dudes that most likely also know how to belch the "Star Spangled Banner." They just happen to be abnormally good-looking, talented, sexy, charming... who are we kidding, they're gods no matter what!

In a fan Q&A clip from yesterday's "MTV First: The Wanted," one very knowledgeable fan asks Jay if he's ever attempted to break his dairy-chugging record (shout out to the girl who apparently knows everything about these bros). Jay proudly recollects his record time -- but like any champ, he's also up for an impromptu challenge to break it. Luckily, MTV host Sway has milk on hand (what, you don't carry a gallon wherever you go?) and we get to see Jay's, um, talent in real time. Spoiler alert: Dude dominates!

That's the kind of competitive spirit that will win The Wanted first place in MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands. If Jay's milk chugging skill doesn't nab your vote... you must be very lactose intolerant.

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+ Watch The Wanted's Jay McGuiness attempt to break his milk-chugging record after the jump!

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