Preview Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ Video, Watch The Premiere Wednesday On MTV + ‘MTV First: Katy Perry’!

File this under "music video theme we never would have predicted in a million years": Katy Perry's upcoming video for her latest single "Part Of Me" (off of her Teenage Dream rerelease, The Complete Confection, due out March 27) sees the cupcake queen taking on quite a new role -- cadet Katy. In an exclusive preview of the video, Katy packs heat and rocks camouflage pretty convincingly, and (don't tell anyone) we're kind of scared of her.

In the "Part Of Me" preview, Katy goes all "Apocalypse Now" on us (minus the creepy "love the smell of napalm" part). She's shown in full military regalia as she and her fellow troops storm the beach, but not before a few boot camp-style drills, including some (PG) underwater wrestling. (Side note: No offense, but eff you, Katy, for still looking gorgeous in camo face paint. I thought that was literally impossible.)

The soldier theme is an interesting choice for the recently separated Perry. After announcing her divorce from Russell Brand earlier in the year, Katy hasn't batted an eyelash. She's been staying busy making appearances and prepping for the release of Confection, but she has yet to discuss her separation in public. Perhaps the "Part Of Me" video -- with lyrics like "You took my light/ You drained me down/ But that was then and this is now" -- is her first official statement. Go to war with Katy Perry -- she won't go down without a fight.

+ Watch a preview of Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" video below, tune in for the full-length premiere Wednesday, March 21, at 7:23 p.m. ET on MTV, and be sure to catch "MTV First: Katy Perry," our exclusive 30-minute interview with Katy directly following the premiere. Fans can get in on the action by tweeting their questions for Katy by replying to @MTVNews with the hashtags #MTVFirst or #KatyQ.

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