‘Prometheus’ Could Land R Rating, Will Be Released ‘Uncut’ Regardless

'We will stand behind it 100 percent and if that means it's an R, then so be it,' Fox chief Tom Rothman tells MTV News.
By Kara Warner, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Michael Fassbender as David 8 in "Prometheus"
Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Fresh off the release of a visually stunning new "Prometheus" featurette — which we can't stop talking about here at MTV News — comes this excellent tidbit from Fox studio chief Tom Rothman regarding the film's still-to-be-determined rating, which could very likely be an R.

"The rating board has not opined yet and it will go in to the board soon," Rothman told us on the press line for the studio's CinemaCon panel. "This I can tell you and I can tell all the fans, not one frame will be cut. The movie will be what it should be. We will not cut a frame of the film," he promised. "We will stand behind it 100 percent and if that means it's an R, then so be it, because not an ounce, not a percentage are we going to compromise the film."

Rothman went on to say that the film does indeed live up to the hype surrounding it and that he genuinely couldn't wait to see each and every new cut, visual effect and element added to the film during it's post-production.

"When we first saw the movie in 3-D, it's breathtaking," he said. "So I hope [it lives up to the hype]. I think so, I believe so." The excitable studio chief also explained his reasoning behind the title "Prometheus" and why they chose to leave the word "Alien" out of it altogether.

"I think the easy thing would have been to make an 'Alien' prequel and that's where it started as an idea, but it evolved," he said. "Ridley's ideas are much bigger than that and it really is a brand-new film, and this is the man who made 'Blade Runner.' He hasn't made a science-fiction film in 30 years, and to be honest, I didn't want to undersell it. 'Prometheus' is an ambitious title I hope everybody knows — it's the name of the ship in the movie but also [based on] the god who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man and paid a serious price for it, so be careful what you do. The cautionary guy, Prometheus," he joked.

Rothman said "Prometheus" is not just a movie for "Alien" fans. "It's a big, bold new-idea movie and we want it in the title because people know [that] this movie stands on its own," Rothman added. "If you're a fan of 'Alien,' great. But if you're not, it's entirely self-contained and full of new ideas."

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