Prototype 2 adding two DLC packs this month

Colossal Mayhem pack available today for $5, with Excessive Force add-on dropping later this month; both bring new weapons, powers, and skins.


Gamers yearning to wreak more havoc with new weapons and powers in Prototype 2 are in luck. Activision today announced two new downloadable content packs for April's well-received over-the-top action game.

Available today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users is the Colossal Mayhem DLC. It includes the thermobaric boom-stick weapon, as well as force multiplier powers (warp vortex, antigravity field, and air time) and three custom skins. The Colossal Mayhem DLC is free for owners of the Prototype 2 Blackwatch collector's edition and is available for 400 MS points on Xbox Live and for $5 on the PlayStation Network.

Following up the Colossal Mayhem DLC will be the Excessive Force add-on, which is slated to arrive on May 29 for the above-mentioned platforms at the same price point. This pack adds the new viral infector grenade launcher to gamers' arsenals, as well as fresh force multiplier powers (shock wave, chaos creator mode, and Medusa's wrath) and three additional custom skins.

A PC version of Prototype 2 is due out on July 24. Neither DLC pack was announced for that platform, and as of press time, Activision had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment regarding whether or not the content will eventually hit the PC.

For more on Prototype 2, check out GameSpot's review.

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